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We began building this site because we realized this story was larger than ourselves. Our goal was to create the kind of resource we wished we had had when we left The Network and began groping our way forward into whatever was next. Something that could give us context on what we experienced and validate our stories. We hoped it would help the people who found it.

We honestly didn't expect the overwhelming responses we would get from so many of you. We continue to receive so many heart-breaking stories about what you experienced from your time in The Network, and how this site has helped you realize you are not alone in your journey.


“It makes me emotional in so many ways to know that someone is bringing attention to this hurtful network... but also because I’m learning I’m not the only one who has experienced this hurt.

For such a long time I thought it was a ‘me’  problem.”


“First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to create this website.


I can’t tell you how much it was needed. Not only for me personally, but for many of my friends who have gone through deep hurt within The Network.


I was sent the link last night at 7:20pm. I stayed up until after midnight reading everything and crying because of how validating it all is. I experienced the abuse, manipulation, lies, slander, demonizing speech, and control first hand. For years I thought I MUST be crazy, or demonic, or not a true Christian... because why else would I have been treated so poorly by people who swore they loved me like family?


The inward battle has been exhausting... but this website has lifted so much shame and guilt off my shoulders. It’s also made me realize that the shame should have never been placed there in the first place!

So again, thank you.”


Thank you for making this resource to make it known that people aren’t alone.

My family left one of the Network churches after being members for many years. When we made the decision to leave one of my first thoughts was:

‘I wish there was someone I could call to tell about what is happening and why I’m leaving because I don’t want others to experience the same thing.


It’s all so confusing and messed up.”


These comments are representative of the many messages we have received in response to this site.

Leaving is lonely, but you aren't alone.



BOOKS & RESOURCES: Material which has helped ex-members sort through the various thoughts and feelings which are associated with leaving The Network